If your business website requires an online form, then you should have the best provider to assist you. There are Google forms that are easy and fast to create, and you are sure to get great results into your spreadsheet as well.


Here is how you create an online google documents. How to create Google form? First you have to do is to sign up.


Step 1: You should first put your username and password to login.


Step 2: You should then go to New button, then Form which can be found on the left-most part on the top navigation bar.


Step 3: You can now choose any title you want for your form, and type it in the box which says "Untitled form".


Step 4: You can type anything you want to describe your form.


Step 5: Next you will see the titled Name of the form. If you want, you can edit it or just leave it alone.


Step 6: You can now create a question. Type what question title you want or any word such as address or names.


Step 7: You can also include a Help Text if you want.  Although, this is not always necessary.


Step 8: Search for the box called Type, you can easily choose what type of question you want to use.


Step 9: You can easily decide if you want to make this a required question to answer or not. If so, you can check the small box provided to enable it. If you do, the online form cannot be submitted unless there is an answer. 


Step 10: Click the done button.


You can these repeat these easy steps until you have the questions you need. If you want to rearrange the questions you provided, just simple drag it to its new position. Know how to create a google form here!



There are many online form providers you can easily find online, just make sure that is reliable and convenient for you to make. It is also great if your customers and clients can also understand it well and easy to answer. So make sure that you make an online form today so that you can use for your surveys of your business or other things you need. Be sure that you follow the easy steps above if you want to create a form on Google. It is very easy and convenient for any online user. So be sure to check it out!